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Gorgeous Baroque Nail Art | via Tumblr on We Heart It.


Gorgeous Baroque Nail Art | via Tumblr on We Heart It.

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Conceptual Marble

1. Start with basecoat and two coats of a dark polish.  I chose Floss Gloss Ltd Pro Nail Lacquer in Black Holy.   I recommend a darker base and lighter accent color.  I chose #FlossGloss Moon Baby.

2. Once the basecolor is completely dry- prep your accent polish by wiping your brush almost completely dry of paint, kissing the edges of the brush on the bottle lip.  

3. Using gestural strokes and artistic license, dab and swirl, brush and dot the polish arbitrarily across the nail from side to side from top to bottom.  You should have a ghostly outline. 

4. Re-dip your brush accordingly. 

5. Add more concentrated pockets of the accent color to give contrast.  

6. Let the accent color dry and apply top coat, Gloss, for shine & longevity! 

Tip!:  Using diagonal strokes will also add dimension.  Don’t be afraid to tap the accent with your finger to give a weathered look!    

This doesn’t have to be perfect ~ marble is organic (and lavish!).  Add a little polish here and a little there !  xx Janine aka Floss Gloss Boss 

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